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Mother Sale Get 20 percent off | Free shipping to products above Rs. 9999.

Sustainability of (E-commerce portal) in Covid 19 crisis?

India’s forced shutdown on Covid19 has encouraged faster adoption e-commerce for fashion purchases as customers get used to ordering more online. Most of us keep scrolling through lots of online portals to purchase products, checking updates on when they would start to resume their services back.

High-end fashion brands like us ( are digitalizing to keep up the demand of their customer’s needs and meet their requirement during their shut down and figuring out to fulfill their demands online.

All e-commerce companies are under pressure to address the safety and health compliance issues as they return to work. As India tries to resume all its business services and e-commerce portals but some are facing difficulty in delivering their products to the customers who are in red zones.

And most of their delivery boys have returned back to their respective places on this pandemic, with limited delivery boys they are trying their maximum to deliver the products to their customers. Wherein their delivery time is taking more than normal.

Fashion companies are facing more hurdles in e-commerce mainly on sizing issues since they don’t have standardized norms. Like more than 20% of the products are returning back because of the sizing issues. We ( aim at altering the dresses as per customers’ sizes so that we don’t face any return issues.

The sustainability of the fashion industry has become more and not less, mainly for customers, investors, and regulators as a result of the crisis. Fashion industry people should, therefore, renew their commitments and find ways to use this crisis as an opportunity to accelerate the transformation towards more sustainable business models.

This moment presents an opportunity to emerge as a resilient fashion industry that is future proof for crises to come. And find solutions to manage current stock and plans for upcoming seasons. And focus on stable business with better garment quality, longer product lifetimes, and smaller production amounts. Extended producer responsibility where producers and importers are responsible for product disposal.

With all the above said things, what we ( do?

We are providing quick deliveries to in and around NCR region. We deliver our products within 24 hours.

Apart from quick delivery, we take necessary measures to ensure safety as well, we sanitize all our products at the time of dispatching. And provide clear instructions to our customers on how to sanitize the products once it’s been delivered to them.

Though several portals have used this crisis to improve their business by increasing their price rates for their products. Though we are one of the leading Indian clothing stores, we focus only on customers satisfaction and not on profit, we have given a wide range of offers so that most of the people would be able to

Make the best use of our offers at this time, and fill your wardrobe with our wide range of products. If you are a Bride to be soon, we have a good range of pastel color lehengas, pearl designers lehengas and for classy brides, you can opt for lehenga crop top blouse, of your choice. And off course yes, we do customize as per your needs. And note, that these varieties of lehenga are not just for brides its also for the bride gang.

And for all the young ladies like college girls and working ladies, you can check our crop top and palazzo online or crop top and skirt collections.

Definitely, once all this covid situation gets settled most of them will still stick on to their online purchase since they have found value and satisfaction on their online experiences.

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