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Summer Sale Get 20 percent off | Free shipping to products above Rs. 9999.

We’ve been staying at home since the pandemic and dressing only in our comfy clothes all day. Now that colleges have finally reopened, I’m sure many of you out there dissecting your wardrobe searching for cute and trendy outfits to wear. Don’t worry as we’re here to help you. Here is a list of our top picks for the must-have pieces for college:

1. Corset Tops

Corset tops are extremely popular among the young women for its classy and elegant appearance. You can pair them high waisted jeans, flared pants, culottes or even low waist jeans. It should be a staple piece in your wardrobe.

2. Culotte Pants

Culottes are extremely stylish and comfy at the same time. Unlike your denims, these pants are extremely loose and can be worn all day. You can pair these with Tank tops, bodysuits, crop tops or even kurtis. Less is more when it comes to college fashion.

3. Black Sleeveless Crop Top

Another classic wardrobe essential for all girls who want to go for that chic yet effortless look. Black being a staple as itself, this crop top can be paired with literally anything in your wardrobe. From denim jeans to desi skirts, you can experiment with this one all you want.

4. Baggy Pants

These baggy pants are currently in trend for their comfort and fashionable look. As they resemble your home pyjamas that you’ve been wearing during this entire lockdown period, you can wear these to college and still look stylish. These pants can be worn with camisoles, t-shirts, blouses and even kurtis.

5. Black Joggers

This is an athleisure that have traversed into a mainstream outfit piece. Black joggers are extremely popular among both boys and girls. You would already find a lot of your classmates rocking these in college. They can be worn with any top. You can go with an all-black outfit by pairing it with a black t-shirt or crop top. You can even go for the classic white t-shirt look. Do remember to pair them with sneakers.

All these styles are available on the KOVET website. Do check them out right away!

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