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Happy father’s day to single mom

Being a single mom is not easy. It is a challenging thing for them to thrive in the society. It puts so much of emotional, physical and financial pressures on them. Mainly Moms of single parent families, face challenge in getting support from their own family members and relatives.

Their day to day duties involves so many struggles fighting with sleeplessness, finding a child care, paying own bills. But the proud thing about a single mom is that, they are doing everything on their own and relying on their own efforts.

Apart from all these, its hard to face challenges of single mothers (widows, divorcees, separated or single parent by choice) in India every single day and every single minute. Many single moms seek health professionals for help.

Some of the problems that the single mom face in this society are,

Being Judged:

In India, a single mom is treated differently from a mom who has a husband. They face illicit approach from other men, they face sexual harassment and they will be prone to flirtations. This will lead them to stress. The way single moms are looked upon by the society has to be changed.

A divorcee is being judged for her character no matter however their husbands are maybe he is a drunkard, gambler or a womanizer.

Lack of time:

Their ever-ending household chores, taking care of kids and working outside hardly gives them a “me” time. Their parenting skills are always put into judgement because of working hard outside to earn a bread for their own family.


Lack of safety:

Women who do not have support system and being abused have to face biggest challenge. They are the sole bread winners of the family they become emotionally stressful.

And when the workplace is not pleasant and not accommodating their loneliness will go for a peak point. There is no companion to share their load with.

Child care goes for a Toss:

Since you are the bread winner of the family, you need to make adequate arrangements for a child minder. When you have a grandparent then you need not worry much on the child, as they would be safe. When you hire a nanny then you are always worried about child’s safety and their wellbeing.

And moreover, child’s behavior getting affected. Their children might get into stress for being bullied by other children at school and other places. Children have to face low self-esteem.

They suffer from financial constraints, as their single mom have to work much hard and cannot afford to pay for their higher education at a high-end school or colleges, extracurricular activities, good clothes etc.

In spite of all these, let’s see how single moms can keep them self-motivated and be proud of themselves for solely taking care their family’s needs,

  1. Have your own Grit
  2. Life is hard, but is very simple to handle all challenges.
  3. Stay Humble, appreciate for things you have.
  4. Dont bother about what others think and speak about you.
  5. Dont ever give up and keep smiling.
  6. Do things that make you and your children happy.
  7. Value the money, and teach your children the same
  8. Its ok to cry once in a while, you will feel better
  9. Celebrate your accomplishments
  10. Ask for help when you need, it shows your boldness when you ask for help


Whatever you do for your children is ever wasted. Just because you are a single mother doesn’t mean you cannot succeed in your life. In the end you are the only one who can give happiness to your kids. You play both the roles of being a father and a mother for your kids. Its ok to be single mom if you have gone through violence in your marriage life. If you a widow then its your own right to choose to be single mom and stand for your kids. You have so many opportunities around and you have the ability to break the obstacles on your way.

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