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Mother Sale Get 20 percent off | Free shipping to products above Rs. 9999.

Infrastructure That We are Adapting to Improve Customer Relationship and Their Satisfaction

India’s forced shutdown due to covid-19 pandemic has encouraged faster adoption of e-commerce portals. High end fashion brands are digitalizing their clients demand, to keep up the customers demand.

So how many beautiful ladies enjoy their online shopping more than the window shopping? Though many of you enjoy tripping out to the local town with your girl gang to shop, it’s very much comfortable to sit in one place and browse for your favorite dresses online via your favorite brands portal.

Whoever it is, whether it’s an online fashion portal or a fashion retailer their goal is to satisfy their customers, that’s the only way to ensure more sales and organic traffic.

We as have taken so many efforts to satisfy our valuable customers. Let’s discuss about the tactics that we follow to satisfy our customers.

Digital Signage:

We have digitalized our store products. We allow our customers to search for products and add in to their bags. Just like people see the products physically at retail shop and touch the products.

They can order the product of their choice, with desired color and in perfect size. And also select convenient date and time of delivery or they can opt for collecting it from the store itself.

Personalized shopping experience:

We understand our customers’ needs and use our technology as mentioned above to meet their requirements. Our tailors provide look books and matching suggestions when enquired personally via online support.

Our recommendations system is a super hit among our customers in our website.

Investment in good quality images:

A great photo will overwhelm customers that it gives them the feeling as if, they are picking something physically from the store. We provide high quality images of our products and wide range of images taken in various angles so that the customers have a feel of virtually trying the products from our site.

Reliable and genuine products:

We add product content as accurate they are, and make sure its uniform in all of our sales channels.

We provide complete product description through images, instructions and specifications of the product and its usage. Thereby we don’t mislead our customers with false information.

Secured platform for online transactions:

We understand that most of them are worried to purchase products online, because of fear in entering their credit or debit card details on a site.

To solve this problem and to make customers feel that they are making their transactions via secured platforms, we have invested in signing up to a trustworthy processor so that our customers do not have to navigate to 3rd party website to make their transaction.

Solving size problem:

Where sizing is a major problem in fashion industry, we focus on personalization. And we provide a suitable sizing chart to the customers based on their body structure. If necessarily needed we alter their dresses with our team of tailors to give them a perfect fit. We have a runway collection section which delivers your product with your sizing needs.

Added benefits:

Who doesn’t like added benefits? May be a special offer once in a while and a free goodie?

We offer a wide range of discounts on our products. We provide special discounts on customers special day (birthday, anniversary) compensation for unpleasant and unfulfilled experiences.

We listen to our customers and encourage their reviews:

We listen to our customers’ needs and provide our products accordingly. Once purchased we contact them to know their experience on using our products. We contact them via phone and emails. We provide review page for their feedback and send mail to them asking them to leave a feedback.

While there is no one strategy or infrastructure to adapt to improve customer relationship, the key focus of the e-commerce or any retailers is that focus on customer needs and be grateful to them.

Our customers perception is our reality. We actually don’t sell our products we make a customer instead.

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