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Use coupon code FREEDOM15 and get 15 percent off | Free shipping to products above Rs. 9999.

Trending Colors of Spring Summer 2022

Post the Lakme Fashion Week, new styles have been coming into the mass market. With new designs launching for the summer, here is one trend that really stands out – ORANGES AND YELLOWS. Yep, you read that right. I’m sure you’ve all noticed our celebrities and fashion influencers wearing outfits in these vibrant colours. I did too and not just that, more and more people have been buying outfits in these colours off late. But why you may ask? the colours of the Sun, rightly worn during the summer season. Well, let me tell you why this trend is much more than what it seems to be.

The two colours – orange and yellow – have often been perceived to be too bright for day-to-day dressing and have only been worn as festive-wears. But with the young generation wanting that head-turning, scroll-stopping, powerful style of dressing, these colours would deliver exactly what they are looking for. Orange has got that subtle sexy tone and yellow adds a quirky yet chic look to your outfit. Nobody wants to be one among the crowd. We want to be noticed. That’s what fashion today is all about.

BTS’s latest single ‘Butter’ which I’m sure you’ve all of heard by now, broke huge records across many countries. The Butter music video is the highest viewed video on YouTube in 24 hours. It has over 700 million views as of today. The reason I’m discussing about this video is because the costumes worn by the members of BTS are all bright and vibrant colours mostly being orange and yellow. They have been wearing yellows and oranges for a number of stage performances including the AMAs. BTS have been a huge influence in India and across the globe with a massive fanbase. This could be one of the reasons for these colours to become more accepted now.

There’s also a clear science behind these colours which probably could be a reason for them to become so popular now. The colour yellow is said to increase brain activity, self-awareness and energy. So, by keeping an object of this colour close to you when you have to make complex decisions and helps to find effective logical solutions. Yellow also unlocks your creative process, which opens up your imagination to dream bigger.

The color orange is often associated with spiritual practices including meditation and compassion. In Southeast Asia, Buddhist monks wear orange robes that symbolize simplicity and letting go of materialism. The tradition dates back thousands of years to the time of Buddha. Although it is a very bright colour, it brings a sense of calmness and peace into your mind.

During the pandemic, we have all spent so much time by ourselves. We’ve yearned for motivation, for inner peace, for no stress and just have blissful days. This is probably why people are now attracted to these colours. Yellow and orange bring a kind of energy and tranquillity in us which is just what we need right now.

Kovet has also launched their new collection ‘Marigold’ which is filled with beautiful oranges and yellows just like the flowers. They’ve got gowns, jumpsuits, blazers, bottom wear, corset tops, western dresses and so much more. Go checkout their website right away!

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