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2022 Spring Summer Latest Trends

Spring Summer Collection

2022’s new spring summer fashion trends are here to take over the old ones. Previously, fashion trends used to be picked up from runways and fashion magazines. Nowadays, we pick them up from social media where celebrities and youth culture are showing the world what’s new in fashion. As compared to 2021’s neutral looks, this year has got bolder and fresher looks. 

Hers’s a list of 2022 fashion trends that we have put together for you. From different styles and silhouettes to the trendy colours, we have listed them all. Be quick to hop onto these before they sell out!

Top 10 picks of 2022 trends –

  1. Butter yellow
  2. Bright co-ords
  3. Pleats
  4. Dark Orange
  5. Cutouts
  6. Mini skirts
  7. Halternecks
  8. Low rise
  9. Statement trouser suits
  10. Fringe

Yellow has become very popular in the spring summer fashion. With both saturated tonnes and hues seen at the runways, the most prominent shade of yellow to be noticed was the butter yellow. It is a much softer tone as compared to bright yellow.


Bright coloured matching tops and bottom are super in right now. Designers have gone for loose fitted shirts with matching pants or short skirts of the same colour and material. For a sleeker look, go for body-hugging tops with a matching pant or skirt.


Pleated skirts are super in this season. Knee length skirts paired with crop tops and loose shirts. You should not skip this effortlessly beautiful piece of outfit.


The next trendy colour is a deep shade of orange. This season has really gone for bold and loud colours. You’ve got to be fearless with your dressing as that’s the new in thing.


We have seen a lot of celebrities on social media wearing these cut out designs. This trend of having negative space in clothing is becoming more and more popular among the youngsters. It can also be seen on many of the runways. This is one trend you definitely should not miss this season!


Bringing back the mini and micro-mini skirts this season. These skirts are paired with spaghetti tops or crop tops or halter necks. I’m sure everybody is excited about this iconic piece of clothing making a comeback.


Beach vacation screams halter necks and so do the runways this season. With loop necks and criss-cross neck detailing by Valentino, Dior and Saint Laurent we can surely expect this to be a very popular summer fashion trend.


I can hear you screaming ‘NOOOOO!’ as you noticed the words low-rise. Many of us swore never to go back these. But if you want to be bold and adventurous, then this is something you should add to your wardrobe again.


Pant suits have become so fashionable lately that they are a staple to your wardrobe. This spring you can lookout for bright colours of yellow and orange. Let’s stand out from the crowd this summer.


Lastly, the addition of fringes to on dresses and tops to elevate your daily looks. 

So these are some of the biggest trends of 2022 summer. Hope you try them all and find your favourites. Checkout Kovet’s new collection ‘Marigold’ which has all of these trendy pieces.

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