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Let’s Welcome Spring Summer Collection 2022 Called Marigold!

The fashionable year 2022 is here and we all are hoping it to be having a dazzling fashionista vibe to it. The year 2021 had a lot of hiccups and we couldn’t really adore and flaunt our favorite fashion collections for we all were staying home most of the time. But, fret not and let’s hope for a all bright and shine year 2022 and that lures us to bring out the real stylish jazz in ourselves. Let’s ring in the new year by pinning new hopes and aspirations.

With new year and new aspirations, we present you our very beloved “Marigold Spring Summer Collection 2022”! 

Our new Spring Summer Collection for the year 2022 is inspired by the beautiful flower of Marigold and is a true epitome of bringing positivity, goodness and luck in your life. The flower marigold is often referred as the “herb of the sun” and it makes it sheer clear for it to reflective of warmth, happiness, joy and optimism.

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Never the less, Our spring summer collection for the year 2022 is going to be extra special and amazing as it is bringing the orangey vivacious hues of marigold to make everything merry and happier around you. The summers are ought to be comfortable as we don’t have to layer up ourselves with extra layers to beat the winterish wave. The rich, breathable, skin friendly and loose fabric of the Marigold collection will make you fall in love with the fabric.

What Makes Marigold Spring Summer Collection 2022 So Fashionably Unique & Special?

The color marigold is symbolic of fresh summer vibe and instantly adds up the freshness and cozy essence attached with it. Our marigold spring summer collection does exactly the same.

  • Inspired by the orange and yellow hue of marigold flower, our spring summer collection for this year would not let you down with its ever pumping and vivacious zeal. The collection is specifically designed and curated by our head designer PRARTTHNA KOCCHER by keeping in mind the season and its apparel demand of comfort.
  • The spring summer collection of Marigold is purely an aesthetically crafted amalgamation of fashion meeting chic style, luxury and comfort. You will definitely love wearing our designs from morning to dawn.
  • When it comes to conceptualizing the fashion theme of Marigold, the yellowish and orangey mix of the hue of the beautiful flower marigold came into foreplay. Our designer had very uniquely picked up the color and created into an alluring and sassy ensemble. 
  • Keeping the pandemic still in mind, our range of marigold spring summer collection 2022 is not only restricted to party wears and designer ethnic wear, we have an array of amazing variety to be picked even in daily wear and resort wear range. So, whatever is in your mind, be it selecting a premium designer or going for a chic corporate look to woo everyone in office in your non WFH days (work from home), you will be spoiled for an exclusive apparel range to choose from. 
  • Our motto to truly believe in sustainable and eco-friendly clothing line has driven our zeal to design something comfortably fashionable and stylish. The Marigold spring summer collection is a true reflection of this.
  • Our balloon sleeved corset top can be styled with mini- skirts or wrap around skirt, gladiator flats and the pearl accessory to turn heads wherever you are heading. If you are someone who prefers simple yet chic and elegant collection, you won’t be disappointed with our mustard gold detailing jogger pants with a boho feel to instantly ditch your boyfriend -jeans. You can pair it with a crop top or a cotton- lycra blazer.
  • The most trending fashion from the collection is no doubt the orangey crinkle dress that will rightly accentuate your curves and give you a flowy comfortable chic look.
  • With us, you get a playful range of exclusive designs designed to bring out the real you that you are, and this year is going to be an exquisite fashion gala and you sure must be ready to bring out the fashion queen in you.

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