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Kovet’s Spring Summer collection 2021 – “Luminous”

spring summer 2021 fashion color trends

The 80’s and 90’s are back , seemingly to influence a lot of trend this summer season, keeping neon colours most prevalent. Neons were very popular in 80’s and 90’s and symbolised optimism, lightness and brightness. Neons are back with a band and is no longer just for kids but for everyone, young, old or kid.

Kovet’s new spring summer collection 2021- “LUMINOUS” is all about neon colours and Boho styles. The collection is made using light cream and beige as base colours and neon trims as detailing to give the collection a very minimal look.

So let’s talk about the fabric used in our new collection. It is made using different fabrics such as cotton linen georgette, embroidered loom and more.


This fabric is durable, breathable and soft fabric derived from natural fibre.
Keeping sustainability in mind we have used cotton linen because it is an eco friendly fabric. Cotton linen is also a very opted choice for spring summer.


Georgette is always a light- weight crinkled and sheer fabric, displaying a
bouncy look to the dresses. No matter what season it is georgette is always delightful to wear, particularly during the season of summer when everything feels too hot.


Embroidered loom is a combination of fabric. Embroidery is the art or
handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn.

Minimalism and classy sophistication come together in our new collection- “LUMINOUS”. Inspired by the beauty of simplicity and class, it features boho dress, vintage dress, drape skirts, maxi dress , which are made for vacation, weekends, boho beach vibes and beyond.

Silhouettes such as drape, A-line, frill , straight cut are showcased in our new collection. It embodies effortless style without compromising on an elegant and polished feel. It’s all complemented by a rich neon and beige coloured palette that adds elevation to the new collection. Designs are elevated with rich detail, including frills, trims and vintage pockets.

Gear up it’s that time of the year when you fill your wardrobe with fresh style for the coming vacation. Discover a wide range of clothing with KOVET, think neons, Jumpsuits, float skirts, stylish bottom and more on

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