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What I wore on my Goa Trip?

Clothes to wear in Goa for ladies

Konnichiwa, Long time no see.

We are back with a new blog…. We know We Know the blog name caught your attention. So let’s not talk further and let me tell you what I wore on my Goa trip.

It is exciting to be in Goa with all the beaches to visit, beach houses in Goa to stay at and the happening parties to attend. With all the excitement bubbling inside of us, it get quite impressive concerning about what to wear and what not to wear in hip and happening part of India. But there is an unspoken trend to be followed when it comes to clothing that will complement well the various beach-spaces, street markets and natural surroundings in Goa.

Sun Dresses

Goa is a place where there is unlimited fun, so always let yourself wear to also be fun. A sun dress is the best outfit which goes well with the Goa Vibes. Women, who prefer a higher level of comfort, should go for this. It can be stylish, off-shoulder dresses too. You can choose pieces that are long, maxi or short length.

Tunic wear or Romper: Tunic dresses and Romper look chic and fashionable and go well with the beach vibes. These dresses are not only breezy but they also upgrade your style.

Fringed Shrugs

Another outfit that will make you look cute and hippie both at same time on the beach are fringed shrugs. These shrugs are fashionable , classy and light weight with fringed at the edges, making you look elegant and beautiful.

Loose-fitting trousers or joggers

There are many of you who are either less inclined to wearing shorts or simply don’t want to get tan lines on your legs. Wide-leg pants, linen joggers, palazzos, culottes and gipsy pants are your best friends to go with .

Maxi dresses

Be it enjoying a trance party at Titos or simply stopping by a bar for a couple of drinks, you can never go wrong with a printed or plain maxi dress. Go for off-shoulders and side-slit maxis to spice things up and look super chic and bohemian.

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