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Why NEONS are the upcoming trend?

New Trends in womens clothing

Colors and feelings are inextricably linked, no matter what there’s always a reason why a person likes a color.

When it comes to fashion trends, neon shades usually tops the list. Neon colors are something like they came straight out of highlighter. Neon colors are very bright to pass unnoticed and are too bold to wear every day. They represent the ideals of innocence, youth, brightness and cheerfulness.

Neon shades are the upcoming trend, be it be in clothing or be it be accessories. Neon green, yellow, pink, orange all the shades will be seen accepted by people. Neon pink and yellow are probably the most common shades people prefer before, but in 2021 neon green and neon orange will be seen popping.

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The Covid pandemic has made people unhappy and depressed, wearing same old pajamas and sweatshirts felt disgraceful but now when everything is coming back on track, these strong bright neon color outfits will create a powerful effect on our emotions and it will create newness in the fashion market.  

People will be purchasing this new trend to bring the newness in their life, to enjoy the new time with high sprit. Neon is very open to experiments with different color combinations and textures. Neon looks great with chiffon, satin, cotton etc.

With the summer coming on the way, neon is guaranteed to be at the peak of popularity, because hot, sunny days and bright shades are created for each other.

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