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Summer Sale Get 20 percent off | Free shipping to products above Rs. 9999.

Empowering the Emerging Women

Gentle as water, tough as ice

Exploit my endurance and meet your demise

Always played for the fool, always used as a tool.

Like a toy tossed into wild, still blamed for a female child.

But now I decide enough is enough, and so comes out a diamond from rough

In place of love you gave me hate

But remember if I can stay in the house, I can also run the Senate.

~ The women of today

“Behind every successful man there’s a Woman” is a thing of past. We are nowhere in the 21st century, and folks today should know that women today are no longer a ‘shaft’ but the ‘spearheads’. They are meanders and the dwellers of society. And everyone knows that women are a crucial part of any civilization.

Women Empowerment, Women rights, Gender equality”, I don’t understand why we even need it. Like who do we empower? Whom do we fight for? For the weak, for those who can’t empower oneself, for those who can’t stand for themselves. Empowerment is for slaves and women! Darling, please! What truly needed though is acknowledgment. Acknowledgment that women are no longer going to be under the hefty burdens of men. They have the power now, and they can move mountains.

Hattie Caraway, the first woman to be elected in the American Senate is my inspiration and would be of many others out there. From the mentality of a society where people considered women nothing more than ‘stupid-baby-producing-machines’ to know where women stand equal to men in every field, there are many women who had to sacrifice themselves, many who had to strive.

Here at Kovet, the owner [Prarthna Kochhar] being an independent businesswoman herself, knows how the era has developed and how women are becoming more and more important. A woman is a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, and many more. We tend to ignore these simple things as they aren’t as visible but the most amazing part is the way she deals with everything, the way she maintains the balance.

A woman has to be always ready for all that’s going on around her, and that’s why we are here! From business wear to occasional wear, from the red carpet to resort, from weddings to marriage, we have it all. Because a strong woman of today always has to be well-dressed and elegant. And A PERSON IS KNOWN BY THE KINDS OF CLOTHES SHE IS WEARING and thus dressing also becomes so crucial.

Kovet has always looked forward to supporting emerging women and promoting entrepreneurship for them, hence our BOSS LADY Collection from New York Fashion Week 2018, clothes for the lady in power. The clothes radiate the importance, the aura of sophistication, which no other thing can do.

Bringing our new Spring Summer Collection 2019, we are thus keeping yet another milestone for the modern ladies, do check out or Indo-Western Dresses at Bangalore Fashion Week [Hotel Oterra]

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