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Why we should wear Cotton Clothes in Summer

The scorching heat in summers is something that we all try to escape from, but something we can’t ignore. We all have to go out for one thing or another. Traveling in this heat is something we all are scared of. All the sweats, the crowd, the humidity is like torture in a way. But in all this hassle cotton clothing comes to the rescue and as Kovet is always there to help you out. We just come out with our spring/summer collection which is all cotton-based clothing perfect for the upcoming summers.

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In this world, there are multiple reasons why we should prefer cotton clothing over synthetic fabrics. Cotton clothes have better durability. Cotton fibers hold together stronger and for longer as compared to synthetic fibers which break down very easily and get fuzzy from time to time. Cotton fabric has the capability to not tear easily and can even handle the strongest machine wash as well as a frequent hand wash. Not having an inbuilt odor makes cotton very ideal and doesn’t require much time to wash them off. Because of extensive durability cotton clothes are a good investment.

During summertime, we tend to sweat a lot and cotton is the best fabric for moisture control. It has the ability to absorb moisture and to lose rapidly in the atmosphere. It keeps us comfortable as we perspire frequently and cotton clothing comes to the rescue that absorbs moisture.

Having better air circulation, cotton allows us to have our body stay dry and cool which reduces the chances of getting fungal breeding. It helps people who have sensitive skin and helps us stay cool because cotton clothing tends to reflect sunlight. In the other hands, baby clothes are also made of cotton because it helps out the sensitive skin of the babies.

Cotton also comes in handy in all seasons as cotton made clothing has various temperatures. Cotton is good for the summer season but it also provides insulation in the cold evening as it traps the air between fibers of the cloth. As it is ideal of not sticking into the skin, therefore enough to insulate your body.

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