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The Members of #Kovet

The Key Members of Kovet

Kovet started its online journey in the year 2017. Its journey so far has been nothing but momentous and incredible, and the story behind the brand is as awe-inspiring as the woman who created it Geeta Kochhar.  Couturier and costume designer Prartthna Kochhar’s prolific career spanning over 4 years has seen her redefining fashion through Kovet. 

Kovet’s mission is to increase brand accessibility via brand presence at various points through associating with different sales channels. The work culture of Kovet is all about inclusion, collaboration, high performance, and opportunity. We also ensure that all our actions are in service of our Vision, Mission, and values. 

Prarthana Kochhar says that fashion is a very important part of our lives. Even the clothes that we like the least from our wardrobes say a lot about the choices we make, in terms of fashion.

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February 2018 Kovet showed its beautiful collection on the biggest platform at New York Fashion Week and was appreciated by people from all over the world.

A glimpse of The Fashion Show

Kovet was also seen showcasing its collection at the EBIX Fashion Show in December 2018 and left people surprised.

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In 2019 Kovet did wonders on the platform of Bengaluru Fashion Week.

In 2019 August at the stage of TFI Kovet surprised everyone with their mesmerizing collection.

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Like every other brand, Kovet was also not made in a day or by a person. The team behind the Kovet has been very supportive and helpful. The team did a lot of hard work to make it stand where it is today.

Mr. Amit Kumar is a Website Developer and Maintainer of Kovet.

Mr. Abhishek Roy Media Marketing and Manager. 

Ms. Vishakha Chawla is the Graphic Designer who knows what best to do with the brand.

We are a team of 15 plus craftsmen, workers, and artists. These were just a few names of our team members.

Jhalak Jain is Style Coordinator, Bhawna Devtula is Assistant Designer, Tanya Taneja is Fashion Management of Website, Asim Masterji is Head of Pattern Maker in Ethnic Wear, Rashid Masterji is Blazer Western Wear, Aarohi Shrivastava is Social Media Manager and Blogger, and Swastika Raj is Assistant Fashion Designer and Manager.

Starting a business and getting it off the ground is not an easy task but when you have the right team it can do wonders.

Kovet is growing day by day and winning the hearts of the people.


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