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#RakshaBandhan – A Gift for your Guardian Angel

Perfect Rakhi Gift for your Guardian Angel

The bond of love, Raksha Bandhan. Raksha means protection, Bandhan means bond. The most important festival for siblings, preparations for it are begun well in advance. Family members go shopping so they may wear new clothes on the day of the celebration. There are many stories behind celebrating this festival but in all stories, we get to hear one thing utmost is Raksha. Is protecting a sister only done by a brother?  Sometimes in need sisters play the role of protector way better than brothers. When we talk about protection, a mother deserves the first place for being our defender, and then any other relation can go beyond. Protecting us from falling to protecting us in bad days of being an adult, a mother never hesitates. When we are talking about protecting ‘’A mask’’ is the utmost priority of everyone nowadays. We cannot step out for a minute without a mask, to protect your loved ones, get them a mask by kovet and let them know that you care for them.

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Nowadays, a woman can take care of herself and her whole family. There was a time when Raksha Bandhan was only celebrated between brother and sister but our guardian angel can be anyone, sometimes a stranger who protected you from being harassed, and your mentor who taught you to protect yourself from bad people. Not all superheroes wear a cape the same way all defenders don’t need a blood relation that’s why we call them our Rakshak ‘Protector’. We cannot pay them back but the least we can do is to give them something beautiful to say you are grateful for having them in your life. Kovet has its alluring collection to gift your loved ones something beautiful on this Raksha Bandhan. 

Kovet is also the brand which is led by a woman our head of designing Prarthnna Kochar, she believes that a woman is self-sufficient to do anything in this world.   

This Raksha Bandhan gift your Protector a ravishing gift, shop from our latest mask collection and our latest designs only at 15% independent sale is also going on don’t wait to grab it.

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