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Styling Clothes and Tricks for Pear Shape Body

The pear shape is the most common body shape for women. Here are the best styling tips and tricks for dressing in the right way and working with your proportions!

Most of the websites, magazines and fashion stylists say you should dress up according to your body shape.

This one is about the styling tips and tricks for the pear-shaped body.

How do you define the body of women as Pear shaped?

The pear-shaped woman, also called triangle body, has more weight in the lower part with the hips and the backside wider than the shoulders.

The main Goal is to elongate your figure so that you look less bottom-heavy. Your ultimate goal is to balance your hips and shoulders while showing off your curves.

For these reasons it is suggested to wear belts on their waist and cap sleeves. Just to draw the attention on upper body rather than the lower body. Colors also play an important role so wear darker ones on the bottom and brighter ones on top. And not the other way around.

Go for a clean, tailored lines on bottom.

Whatever you wear on the bottom should always be more tailored, such as flat front pants. Stay away from pleats, side pockets, or anything that is going to add dimension to this area.

If you wear a belt, make sure it’s slim and the same color as your pants (a wide belt draws more attention to the area you’re trying to deemphasize). If you belt a dress, make sure the belt sits higher up at your waistline rather than your hips. Better yet, wear a top that’s gathered around the stomach. And don’t forget to check out our waist belt accessories from

Wear pants or jeans that have a flare on the bottom.

Choose only wide hemmed pants and say no to skinny jeans! The pants must be on high waist in order to wrap up the hips. Avoid embellishments that will draw the attention on bottom part of the body.

For colors go for dark blue, grey, black and dark denim.


High waist skirts are a good choice but again choosing them in dark colors will make you look awesome.

This Feather and Faux dress are a perfectly tailored one for pear shaped body.


Avoid oversized tops, vests and jackets that draws the attention on largest part of your body.

Embellished white halter neck top that shows your beautiful shoulders from Kovet is a sexiest and yet a hot selling top.

You can wear blazer over a T-shirt such that layering your tops will proportionate the body parts. Peplum tops are always a good choice which creates an illusion that hips look narrower. Choose ruffles or puffy sleeves on tops. You can opt for bright and bold prints with embellishments on tops.  

Asymmetrical cape dress with flared pants from our Kovet collection is a super hit celebrity style dress.

If you want to go ethnic, this cape blouse saree from will be the best choice we have varieties of ethnic collections for all beautiful occasions.

Experiment with different necklines:

Deep neckline draws attention on your upper body. Embellish the neckline with precious necklaces and big statement earrings that draws eye towards the slimmer part of your body. Colorful and bold scarves are also great for this purpose.

Check out for wide range of earrings and other accessories.

Show off your shoulders:

The shoulders are a great and sexy part of a woman’s body. Especially if you’re pear-shaped wear off-shoulder tops that expose one or both shoulders.

Shop for more cocktail dresses online from our Kovet store.


Any high heel will do you super good as it will make your legs look slimmer and longer and therefore will immediately proportion the lower part of the body. To summarize everything in just one phrase, anything that brings the eye towards the top half of your body, shows off your small waist and conceals the width of your hips will look great!

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