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How to Look Slimmer

When it comes to fashion, it’s worth styling ourselves. We can experiment at the same time to play with various elements and colors in order to make our style statements more quirky and appealing. Apart from selecting an irresistible ensemble, we remain hell-bent to look like the next Kareena Kapoor Khan who is perfectly fit and fine in spite of birthing baby Taimur. For most of us, not a gleam of 100 layers of our skin curving out some extra skin must pass through the clothes we don.

The biggest game of all “womenkind is to compel them to look slimmer, with the right kind of outfits suiting your body type is the real win-win situation. No matter how waist-squeezed you are! Once you look attractive, you must carry yourself with a generous attitude. Here are Kovet’s well-rehearsed styling tips and tricks that can make you look slimmer at the same time bring out the stylish you:

1. Innerwear

The best you could do is to invest in premium quality innerwear. Since shapes and sizes of innerwear are meant for all body colors, sizes, races, etc make sure to grab onto the best one that suits your body. The right innerwear will definitely ooze out the sultry vibes. Topping off your innerwear chart with Kovet’s high-end designer collection, you can go for any draped dresses from online portals that will bring out the goddess in you.

2. Shape wear

Shapewear can be worn by all body types. And if you want to dance away all the pain donning a bodycon dress, you are free to do so. But make sure your body benefits out of shapewear you select. If it pushes your figure upwards, there is a strong possibility it can make you look hot “out of oven types”.

3. Dark colours

Gothic black and other peppy dark colors can give rise to looking slimmer. Dark colors have been proven to artificially thin down your figure. For a balmy summery night, we all crave for gusty winds hitting against our hair, popular and Gothic blacks never lease out of trends. The reasons are its deep nature. These colors are multipurpose. Dark shades add dimension in hiding the curves and make you appear slim. Kovet’s latest luxury collection possesses train of tops from asymmetrical designed to crop tops and palazzo sets tossed beneath deep dark hues.

4. Deep neck

Deep neck ensemble featuring a detailed and narrow waistline will turn you into an ultimate classic chic at the same time make your overall physical appearance look thin. V or deep necks bring sophistication to any occasion you name. It remains one of the most sought after clothing pieces in town and trims in hiding little curves here and there. From Kovet’s latest fashion designer dressesthis boho beach dress layouts a poetic V neck for your high maintenance avatar.

5. Maxi skirt

Maxi skirt is flowing on the trendy runways but once you flawlessly coordinate it with a tucked-in t-shirt or a cut blouse finishing off your avatar with a red stiletto, it will make you look gorgeous as hell. If you want to perk up the style to the next level, then adding this outfit will do its thing in making your body appear slim. As an alternative to maxi skirts, you can invest in Kovet’s cocktail dresses online up for grabs!

6. Vertical stripes

It’s best to avoid horizontal striped dresses. Vertical stripes are the hottest trend-making women look slim and moreover makes them look taller, ready to tower the world. Stripes are the much-needed staple foods to amp up our fashion statements. This co-ordinated color is donned by Hollywood to Bollywood celebs. In fact, the striped ensemble does a lot of work for women in order to slim down their bodice. From Kovet’s intricate designed stripes, you will never run out of wardrobe choices.

7. Accessories

Adding accessories or attaching long chains to the waist is the epitome of Quirkiness and style. It does it’s thing creation smoothly hiding out any curvy blemishes oozing out of the body. This trend is the poetic fit for all body shapes and sizes. The talk of the town is that a ruffled or cowl neck ensemble can make you look slimmer along with a train of accessories for elevating the overall look. You can check out Kovet’s designer collection, bodycon dresses wrapped by dazzling embellishments

8. Right patterns

Wide patterns can be simply avoided. Narrow or thin patterns can make you look like the next Kate Moss strutting out of the runways. Always grab the right patterns for your body type. We bet this will make you look slim from all the sides because of their cutting-edge design.


You don’t want to look like a bugs bunny in loosely-tied rabbit clad attire. Refrain from picking out ensemble which displays your body shape wider. Prefer clothing styles that perfectly fits your bones like a chocolate wrapping. However, you can pick a vast variety of styles from Kovet’s updated designer collection meant for all shapes and sizes.

10. Jeans

High waist jeans are always up for grabs. You can turn the style tables upside down with jeans clinging above your belly button and those which are not too high. You can have a look at Kovet’s luxury designer collection for all sorts of comfy and stylish jeans.

Now when all is done, binge on some healthy foods and stretch your slender bones on a yoga mat for a healthy glow. Be sure that you are cutting down on junk foods and alcohol consumption. Following a healthy diet routine will save you from a number of maladies. Invest your time enjoying spicy trends and flaunt them as if you own the runway. The best of all select perfect ensemble fitting that will make you look slim in front of body shamers acting like self-acclaimed Gods. For a wide range of designer collection and luxury ensemble, do not forget to visit Bollywood clad high-end apparel brand kovet

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