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Sleepwear – An Important Fashion Essential

Corona Virus pandemic has utterly transformed the way most of us dressed, while the whole nation is working, socializing and exercising at home in response to the virus outbreak. Sleepwear or pajamas have replaced oversized shirts and boyfriend tees.

In today’s time having a peaceful and comfortable sleep has become the need of the hour given the hectic lifestyle and need to handle pressures of life. That comfort can be acquired in wearing these specially designed sleepwear/pajamas when you hit the bed and have a good night’s sleep.

At the start nightwear/sleepwear for women found its origin in Europe and over a period of time, it began adapting the styles of Roman, Egyptian and Asian styles. And all of them were hand stitched and they did not have any creativity in the design. As for men, pajamas came from India, because men in western part of the world used to wear long night shirts.

For many years in India, women used to wear nightgowns or nightie which is just a one piece of cloth worn from over the head and dropped till it covers the body. In a way, the nightgowns were shapeless which brought comfort to ladies but with no style. Even today in many towns and remote parts of India women prefer wearing nightgown or nightie. They can never wear this dress outside except when they go to bed.

Now that many brands have researched and come up with attractive sleepwear/pajamas for women that has become more fashionable. Now, pajamas are no longer restricted to home only, because of this attractive loungewear being introduced it has become a casual and comfort dressing, which is donning the runways and stores.

And at this time in corona pandemic pajamas have become work-from-home uniforms. You can style these pajamas to add a chic look. Team up women’s pajama pants with an elegant top, heels and a good statement purse or bag to add formal touch. If you have checkered PJ’s pair it with crisp shirt and sneakers will give a cool look. You can have quirky prints but not for outdoor look. You can wear a full pajama set for a late-night movie date!! How cool idea it is and how comfortable you will feel?

It’s exciting to see this category of sleepwear in fashion is developing, as consumers are wearing it both in indoors and outdoors. And customers are looking for comfort and practicality, pockets in trousers, cuffed trousers and comfy elasticated waistbands.

Materials play an important role in emphasizing on quality and luxury. We as has launched Pajama Party for this spring season, instead of focusing on technical fabrics we are focusing on natural materials such as cotton and linen that are easy to care for and wear.

This part of success and acceptance of sleepwear/loungewear comes from the fact that consumers love wearing these products for long-haul flights, at the gym, tennis court, etc. where comfort is of primary importance. Today people are unwilling to compromise on comfort and style and are getting the best of world’s combined -Fashion and comfort – and this is giving the loungewear a much-needed push from retailers, designers and online portals.

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