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Favorite Outfits and a must Have Outfits for a Trendy Mom

I am a young mom who recently turned 30. And I have a 2-year-old little girl who keeps on clinging towards me most of the time. And I am a proud, stay at home mom who keeps running behind her and picking her up all the time and bending every now and then, in search of her toys that she hides it or throws it in an invisible place.

So, firstly as a mom I always prefer to wear everyday tees and pants. My wardrobe consists of 4 to 5 yoga pants/capris. And then there is always a same t-Shirt in different colors that I wear it on rotation. And sometimes after my shower I enter my room and check my closet I feel like I am running out of my T-shirts and I pull on a T-shirt that I would wear when I go out.

Few weeks back, when I looked my closet I kept wondering, what had happened to the young woman in me who had a fairly good sense of fashion. And now it’s time to update my wardrobe and upgrade my sense of fashion.

This blog, is for all young moms who are breastfeeding or who are someone who have weaned off your breastmilk or for moms of a toddler. Here I am sharing few tricks on choosing a dress that is comfortable for you to wear it when you inside your house or outside.

Because I am pretty sure that most of us wouldn’t have regained our pregnancy body shape.

Upgrading my Yoga pants

Though I need to update my wardrobe. Still I would need some mom clothes, that are as comfortable as my yoga pants and capris, and make me feel good myself on my body and myself. has a cozy culotte collection that is a best replacement for yoga pants.

We can pair up any T-shirts with these culottes and flatter our body.

Dresses to wear outside

A casual, light and a perfect dress will make moms like us look way more perfect and comfortable.

Another perk is that, if you are a breastfeeding mom try to wear a dress that is stretchy and easy for nursing. And make sure to choose a correct size.

Off Shoulder Dress

This stretchy and a off shoulder dress from is super comfortable for nursing moms aswell. And be cautious to choose a well lifted brazier to flaunt your curves. The material is breathable and light.

One Maxi Dress

Maxi dress allows moms of young kids to sit on floor, bend down to pick up their baby or spilled food without showing anything in your body.

And when you are in a party or in a special occasion choose a party wear maxi that is very comfortable as mentioned above.

This glamorous peach gown with crystal embellishment is my favorite collection from

Tops that are multi-functional

Try choosing a shirt that makes you look classy and also nursing free shirt. This V neck striped shirt from gives you a professional look which you can pair it up with you bell bottomed pants or any formal pants of your choice.

Cover up with a style quotient

Say no to the usual hoodie or a sweat shirt. Each time when I go out pairing my T shirt with a sweat shirt/Hoodie I have never felt comfortable. Replace your sweat shirts with light weighted knee length blazer.

Not only it is comfortable to wear it also act as your nursing cover.

This stripe pink blazer is definitely a must have one for a fashionista mom. You can pair up your Black solid T shirt or T shits of your choice that really goes well with this blazer with your favorite causal pants.

For Indian functions

Nothing makes you feel comfortable by wearing a blouse and a skirt paired with rich dupatta. When you are busy with your family customs and you really wanted to feel light and when you have your little one asking for your Dudu (Breast milk), it’s as easy to unbutton you blouse and feed your baby.

In case you need to cover then you use your dupatta. How comfortable is this one? I always love wearing a saree which is super comfortable for me and my kid.

This mermaid saree from is my favorite desi style swag.

Ok, having said all the above I would like to say that as a young mom when you go out for a shopping have these three things in mind,

Be Practical – No low-cut tops which will give your kids an easy access to your private parts.

Be Versatile – When going out for a dinner you might need to bend down may more times if your toddler throws toys on floor choose a dress which doesn’t make your butt crack.

Affordable – When you kid throws up food on you or spit it out on you, don’t go into deepest sadness that they have ruined your costliest and a royal dress of yours.

So, choose a dress that makes you look good, feel good and do good.

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