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Fashion for a Cause

With the changing times and changing mentalities, one thing that needs to be thought about is our way of reaction towards Gender Dysphoria. It generally means that a person is not comfortable with the gender they were born with, because it does not match their gender identity. The cause for this is unknown, but hormones in the womb, genes, and cultural and environmental factors may be involved.

The society today is progressed in every other aspect but accepting gender dysphoria is still a matter of concern. Why do we have to treat them different…? Because they don’t fall into the binary category? Because they feel different than what they are physical?

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But who set these norms? Who are we to judge someone else’s feelings or their comfort? We need to realize that this is life and it does not work on a binary system like electronics. We need to accept the Gender Dysphoria as a common thing amongst us. We got to understand people with this condition also have got the same heart as we do, the same blood, the same feelings!

Here at Kovet, with broadening our convictions we have accepted them and are in support with them. We understand the way they get affected by feeling unequal. We fathom their vulnerability. We know when they are begging, or are on streets, it’s not like, they like doing it, it’s because they are not left with a choice, because they are treated differently.

We know how hard it is for people with this condition to deal with oneself and moreover with the society who doesn’t consider them as “normal”.

So we at Kovet have taken the initiative for this section of the society, by getting forward Jainnu Kanwar who took a brave step to show her true self in front of the society and we appreciate the big step and more people like Jainnu  by making her the showstopper at our  Bangalore Fashion Week Show 2019 to motivate her and support the  beautiful women like her all around the globe.

We are establishing the Fashion for a Cause, thus making more and more people aware of this common fact, as well as makes these people amongst one of us.

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