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5 Flattering Bridesmaid Outfits for your Bestie’s Wedding that would Hypnotize the Crowd

Finally, the day is here! The day which you and your best friend have been planning, envying, blushing about for years together. As a best friend of the bride and as the prettiest bridesmaid(duh!) it is so very crucial that you look the part and don’t forget to glam up yourself, girl! Even though you have many critical tasks to carry on that special day, it is not easy to find a gorgeous dress for yourself given the short time to shop and research for the trends. So, Indian online clothing stores like Kovet brings to you the top 5 trending yet classy outfits that would ease your efforts skillfully and assist you to shine like a diamond even when you are busy as a bee! 

The Bride Squad

So if you are looking for a more contemporary look but still do not want to disrupt the wedding’s theme by your chic look, then fear not. Sit back and scroll down to find how the traditional can be altered without making any changes. 

1) Mix and match have never been more exciting! 

In every kind of Indian wedding, certain dress types always make an entry like it is their first time but never fail to impress. Such outfits are the classy lehengas. Now, how about turning this ancient saga into a fashion trend with a little twist from the finest Indian dresses designer collection from our Kovet store? There are a million ways in which that can be achieved. Just for example, like the model in the image you can work your charm by coordinating two odd colours or get a cape or ruffled lehenga skirt. 

2) The Tale of West Joining the Ancestral

If you are someone who wants to back up her traditional roots but is still in love with her latest fashion designer dresses, then this Indo-western gown is the ideal choice for you. Presenting to you this stunning piece of nude-coloured designer Indo-western gown from Kovet that can be matched up with a multicoloured embellished belt and some quirky choice of jewellery. 

3) More on the contemporary vogue!

This category of apparel that was a superhit in the 80’s era is back with a bang. This midnight blue jumpsuit is guaranteed to make dazzle all evening and it can be worn with ease in all kinds of seasons too. These comfy jumpsuits can be very well paired with silver or gold ornaments, that are light and elegant too. With subtle makeup on the check, this party look is adequate for a Sangeet or Mehendi occasion.  

4) A New Slant of the Monotonous Salwar Suits

Even you are someone born in the late ‘90s and early 2000s then you might be aware of how the salwar suits were once the rage for all women in India. Even now it still happens to be the sunniest outfit for any event. The calm green colour represents the smile of nature and this funky yet authentic choice of outfit is sure to make all hearts beat hastily. Get this celebrity style clothes online easily from Kovet. 

5) The Antique Beauty to the Rescue 

Last, but not least! This ancient refinement equipment of Angrakha kurta has been in the market for ages but has not got its significance asserted enough. It is a wrapping type of garment that is tied from left to right or vice versa. This suit can be very well paired with palazzo pants, dhoti pants, leggings, etc. Comfy and stylish at the same time, a must be noted dress for all the bridesmaids and wedding guests alike. 

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